It is the result of the constant work of three generations that with great dedication and passion for chocolate emerges and transcends as a history of tradition in Cusco.


Our products seek to accompany travelers from around the world to participate in this Adventure of Taste, with our original mergers where the protagonist is the Cusco chocolate, and the native ingredients.

La Cholita is the result of the constant work of three generations that, with great dedication and passion for chocolate, have created a history of tradition in Cusco. More than 50 years ago, Mr. Hugo Barberis dreamed of transforming raw materials from the Cusco region and providing added value. He began with the transformation of cocoa beans from the La Convención Valley – Cusco. This passion was instilled and shared with his son Gustavo, who for 30 years with his wife Junia, decided to continue the tradition of chocolate in the family, developing a new line of handmade chocolates from the grain to the bar: “bean to bar”. This is how they created new combinations of chocolate with products from Cusco so that the local, national and international public can enjoy the exquisite flavors of a traditional brand of chocolates from Cusco.




– Adventure of Flavors –

Our products seek to attract travelers from all over the world to participate in this adventure of flavor of our original chocolates, with the Cusquenian chocolate at the forefront and the use native ingredients such as the coca which is a source of energy and helps prevent altitude sickness, and the quinoa that is recognized as a protein source for excellence. Thus, the chocolate bars we offer are made from 65% cocoa with coca and 37% cocoa with quinoa, making all the Andean flavors a part of the adventure along the Peruvian trails; combining pleasure, joy and energy.


TRUFFLES If you want to discover the native flavors of our region, the best alternatives are “La Cholita” and its variety of Andean fusion chocolates and exotic liquors.


Since 1959, our factory makes its chocolates, from the grain to the bar (bean to bar); all of our products are gluten-free and contain high percentages of chuncho cocoa with nutritional properties that protect the heart by reducing cholesterol; they feed the brain in such a way that memory and sleep improve and when chocolate is combined with nutritious ingredients such as quinoa, coca, aguaymanto, cacao nibs, elderberry or Maras salt; They make your lifestyle, very healthy.



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