La Cholita is the result of the constant work of three generations that, with great dedication and passion for chocolate, have created a history of tradition in Cusco. More than 50 years ago, Mr. Hugo Barberis dreamed of transforming raw materials from the Cusco region and providing added value. He began with the transformation of cocoa beans from the La Convención Valley – Cusco. This passion was instilled and shared with his son Gustavo, who for 30 years with his wife Junia, decided to continue the tradition of chocolate in the family, developing a new line of handmade chocolates from the grain to the bar: “bean to bar”. This is how they created new combinations of chocolate with products from Cusco so that the local, national and international public can enjoy the exquisite flavors of a traditional brand of chocolates from Cusco.

 The family was sharing experiences during the making of the chocolate. The young daughters grew up with games and aromas of roasted cocoa, their memories reflected in the grains that were turning into chocolate. The children were helping with production, by doing small tasks like taking aluminum molds with their hands and ensuring that the chocolate did not spill. This beautiful work and unforgettable memories made the youngest daughter, Daniella, to continue the tradition. The years have passed and the legacy of the Barberis family continues to transcend. She and her parents, with the experience acquired since she was a little girl and her perseverance, continue this great dream of transcending the market as a brand from Cusco that produces the best handmade chocolates. With a great taste permeated by the memory of Cusqueños of all generations and all of the visitors that, among its beautiful memories, take the taste of Cusco.



In 1910, from the Bistagno region of Piedmont, Italy, Don Carlo Barberis Bormida arrived in Cusco, full of dreams, ideas and projects. He later passed these on to his son and heir, Hugo Romualdo Barberis Montefusco, who from a very young age idealized Cusco as a prosperous and industrialized city.

Hugo Barberis Montefusco founded the “La Cholita” chocolate factory with a lot of enthusiasm and commitment, beginning with the production of pure chocolate paste, which became well known and promoted under the brand name “Ollanta.”

Gustavo Barberis Romero together with his wife Junia Flores de Barberis, continued with the tradition of handmade chocolate production, thus forming the trajectory of the chocolate factory “La Cholita”. And in the year of 1987, “La Cholita” was recognized in Germany for its quality with the International Food and Beverage trophy.

With great expectations, the first “La Cholita” store was opened for direct sales and contact with the public, offering a wide variety of chocolates and hot chocolate.  Like the other big stores in the city of Cusco it was located in one of the main avenues of the Historical Center.

Gustavo and Junia began expanding their products. They started producing pisco with raisins besides just the traditional chocolates. As pioneers in Cusco, the chocolates became the flagship product of “La Cholita”, becoming the classic gift of the Cusqueños.

“La Cholita” hosted Swiss technicians to share with the workers the various chocolate techniques of the Bean To Bar. After the enriching experience, with the inspiration and the new techniques learned, the factory specialized in the production of truffles, chocolate bars, chocolates and chocotejas.

The second store of “La Cholita” was began in 2014, at the Velasco Astete airport in Cusco, for greater access to markets around the world.

Daniella Barberis, the youngest daughter of Gustavo and Junia, at the age of 28, wanted to continue the adventure of “La Cholita” with her parents, thus ensuring the success of this Cuzco factory.

The “Tea and Chocolate Room” opened to create a space where the customer can enjoy a traditional cup of hot chocolate and also be able to taste the variety of our products made from chocolate.

“La Cholita” won the “Inka Dorado Awards 2018”, for the Best Company of the Year in the chocolate category. This proved that over the years, our brand has been ingrained into our memories as part of the tradition and history of Cusco.


Passion in Each Detail

From the choice of an exquisite flavor, the perfect design of a truffle, the box of chocolates wrapped in a bow, the presentation and decoration of our stores, they contain a number of feelings that welcome the customer, making him feel at home.


We make handmade chocolates with chuncho cocoa–classified as the finest in the world–characterized by an intense aroma with notes of nuts and citrus that dissolves on the tongue. We combine this cocoa with highly selected ingredients to achieve the perfect balance of flavor.


Since 1959, “La Cholita” works hand in hand with the native communities of the Valle de la Convención, cacao growers par excellence, who always received a fair price for their production of cocoa to contribute in this way to the sustainable development of our region.
Likewise. we promote initiatives that strengthen the capacities of women in Cusco to promote policies in favor of gender equity, for which 90% of our employees are empowered women, whose values ​​are transmitted in their work.


From the beginning, our company has aimed to include Andean culture that transcends borders and keeps alive the essence of our roots, so the brand was called “La Cholita”. It refers to “Chola,” the generic name that is given to mestizo women in the Andean countries. We also combine the chocolates with native flavors from the region to share with the world the gastronomic culture of Cusco.


The selection of an exquisite taste, the perfect design of a truffle, the box of chocolates wrapped in a bow, and the presentation and decoration of our shops encompass an endless amount of feelings that welcome clients, making them feel at home.


Our chocolates are made with first class quality cocoa. We prepare them in a meticulous and careful way. Each one of our products are handmade and we dedicate time and care to each step of the production process. We integrate cocoa as a main component without using vegetable fats. We add touches of delicious flavors with ingredients such as quinoa, aguaymanto, almonds, pecans, peanuts, which, like cocoa, can provide a healthy alternative. Also, our chocolates are fused with fruits that give them exquisite flavors. Our artisan chocolates are the best choice to sweeten the palate and stay healthy.




“La Cholita”, is a family business around 60 years old, and bears the name that is colloquially referred to women dressed in traditional costumes of the provinces of Cusco. The chocolate shop carries in its DNA the attachment to its land, its traditions and its native products. Our method of making chocolate respects tradition in its process, from the grain to the bar (bean to bar). The variety of chocolate we offer has flavors of the region of Cusco, Peru. Eating a piece of chocolate from “La Cholita” is like taking a little piece of Cusco with you.


Our products seek to attract travelers from all over the world to participate in this adventure of flavor of our original chocolates, with the Cusquenian chocolate at the forefront and the use native ingredients such as the coca which is a source of energy and helps prevent altitude sickness, and the quinoa that is recognized as a protein source for excellence. Thus, the chocolate bars we offer are made from 65% cocoa with coca and 37% cocoa with quinoa, making all the Andean flavors a part of the adventure along the Peruvian trails; combining pleasure, joy and energy.


If you want to discover the flavors of our region, the best option is “La Cholita” and its variety of Andean chocolates and exotic liquors. On a typical cold Cusquenian day, we invite you to our warm “chocolate room” to enjoy a Cusquenian-style hot chocolate accompanied by a homemade cake. To enjoy a good walk through the main attractions of Cusco, you need a lot of energy; with our energetic bars you will have enough for a day full of adventures and the best experiences. And if you love our chocolates and want to share your experience with your loved ones, you can also buy our gift boxes and our chocolate bars as a delicious treat.


Since 1959, our factory manufactures its chocolates from the grain to the bar (bean to bar); All our products are gluten free and contain high percentages of cocoa chuncho with nutritional properties that protect the heart by reducing cholesterol; they nourish the brain to improve memory and sleep by combining chocolate with nutritious ingredients such as quinoa, coca, Aguaymanto, Cocoa nibs, Elder or the salt of Maras.

 “La Cholita” chocolates are made with organic cocoa beans and natural ingredients. Our production processes, from the grain to the bar, are carefully executed.

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