We all have particular memories in relation to chocolate.
I remember those two sticks of bitter chocolate that they gave us with a piece of bread in the patio at recess time, they had the same taste as the chocolate that was in the chocolate breads of my childhood.

I remember hunting parties in the garden with my little brother for the Easter holidays, looking for chickens, rabbits and chocolate eggs, we went to look for them with our parents and grandparents, I sulked when my brother found more chocolates than me and my father He helped discreetly to find more. After the hunt, we made our chocolate reserves, with the intention of conserving the chocolate statues for later, however, we rarely managed to keep them.

I remember that chocolate cake, Le Trianon, that my parents bought me (and keep buying) for my birthday. To taste it, I ate the mousse first and finished with the crunchy dough.
I remember the cardboard Christmas trees that they gave me at the beginning of December, they were made up of 24 little holes containing chocolate pralines to wait for the big day with more patience. Every day, before going to school, I ate a chocolate bar.

Sometimes, I had one or two days left without eating the chocolatitos to have more for the following days. Little by little, we were getting closer to Christmas. For this occasion, my parents bought the Ferrero Rochers from walnuts bathed in a chocolate cream and covered by a layer of crispy chocolate with nuts. With my brother, we can no longer celebrate Christmas without these chocolatitos that have a good meaning
particular for us.

I remember the chocolate powder that allowed us to endure the cold of winter and that comforted me after a long day at school, it was enough with a good cup of hot chocolate and Breton cookies to have the energy to put me to study again and train me for the next dictation.

I remember the chocolate bars filled with candy that my father sometimes bought me when my father picked me up from school and took me to my violin classes at snack time.

I remember the square chocolatitos that my Spanish “granny” gave me from the third floor during the time of the preparatory class, always insisting on the positive effect that chocolate had for memory and good humor. They gave me a lot of luck.

Chocolate accompanies us at every stage of our lives, from the playground to our first adult responsibilities, and yes, at any occasion to celebrate and share moments with those we love.